Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Vintage Wedding Decor ideas for the 2014 Wedding season

The Tentworx team exhibits twice a year at The Wedding Expo held at the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg. At these expos we display some of the current trends in the wedding industry and predict a few new trend for future weddings. With a creative team of event managers, Tentworx strives to be innovative and unique with the design of every event.

The theme for the Tentwarx stand at the April 2014 show was "Outdoor Weddings". We created an outdoor feel with a picture of a forest printed on the back wall, tree branches in the roof and an overall wood finish.
The center pieces differed from each other to give a casual and informal feel to the stand. Outdoor wedding are mostly intimate and informal. We used white and peach roses, proteas and various white and green flowers to finish it off. 

We used old vintage crates as a display area on the second wall and filled it with various center piece options as well as old books, tin vases and scrabble letters.

The table was displayed as an intimate bride and groom table. The cutlery used was vintage silverware and the glasses vintage cut-crystal. A light grey serviette was used with hessian and scrabble letters displaying "Bride" and "Groom". As a center piece we used white and peach roses, a protea as well as a dessert rose. We displayed the flowers in an old fashioned  console jar.

As additional décor items we made a direction stand as well as tree trunks with " I Love You" carved on it. A wine barrel was used as a cocktail table. The flooring was a dark brown dance floor which added to the wood finish.

The Tentworx team used wooden chandeliers with globes hanging at different heights which added to the sunrays in the printed forest picture.  The tree branched also gave the printed forest picture a 3D feel.

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