Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Egg-cellent ideas for Easter!

Egg-cellent ideas for Easter!

 Easter is a time for chocolate and bunnies bust most importantly family (and friends) ! To ensure that you leave your guests in awe Tentworx put together a list of tips and ideas to create the perfect Easter get-together. 

1. Take it outside!

Put your table and chairs under the trees and enjoy the start of the wonderful autumn weather by having your meal outside! Having a garden party for Easter means that your decor doesn’t have to be confined to a single space. Spruce up the trees with flags, Chinese lanterns or flowers. You can even decorate the lawn and garden with bunnies and eggs. 

2. Embrace the Easter theme

Decor trends in 2015 tend toward the simplistic yet elegant. For Easter however you are allowed to go a little over the top.  Ensure that you create a table with the right amount of elegance and Easter by using stylish crockery with lots of Easter elements (think bunnies and eggs!).

3. Use seasonal flowers

No table looks completely right without some flowers on it. In 2015 tie your colour scheme to in-season flowers. This time of year you can find tulips and some lovely daffodils at most supermarkets.

4. Entertain the kids

If you have kids or kids are attending your get-together take some precautions beforehand to ensure that they stay busy so that the adults can enjoy their day in peace. Try the ever popular  paint-the-egg or plate station. You can also arrange an egg-hunt (Some adults will enjoy this more than the kids!)

5. How about a brunch?

You don’t have to cook an elaborate meal to impress your guests. Having a lazy brunch will be just as much fun. Fresh fruit and a quiche you made the day before will also be much easier on you as host!


 Tentworx wishes you and your family a happy and blessed Easter time!

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